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About Clan Blair Society

The Clan Blair Society (CBS) is an educational, cultural, charitable and non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible. Our IRS tax number is 22-2860055. Donations received help defray games, genealogical, educational, charitable, banking and publication expenses. All Clan officers serve voluntarily without financial reward.
In order to secure a well rounded organization, the purpose of CBS shall be to:
  1. Preserve, promote and pass along to others the customs, tradition and heritage of the Scottish people
  2. Educate the public concerning Scottish history, literature, religion, architecture, music, poetry, arts
  3. Promote education in this heritage in all practical ways including grants to promising students
  4. Mount a substantial genealogical effort on the Blair family
  5. Encourage travel, correspondence and interchange of ideas and services
  6. Publish a newsletter and directory
  7. Show the Blair tartan at Scottish Games, parades and gatherings and whenever appropriate
  8. Promote teaching, study and demonstration of Scottish song, music and instrumental music
  9. Promote athletic skills including those peculiar to the Scottish sports
  10. Participate in annual charitable giving
We solicit membership from Blairs and their descendants regardless of surname, spelling or location of residency. Non-Blairs who are interested in the Clan may join.
Annual dues - Individuals & Family (spouse, children under 18)
$20.00 U.S.**
Individual (student) 18 - 22 years of age
$12.00 U.S.**
Lifetime membership (may be paid in quarterly installments)
$250.00 U.S.

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